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Taxation Services

Taxation Services

Overview of Taxation Services

4SYTE is the top rated corporate tax consultants in Rawalpindi offering taxation services including income tax and sales tax services to companies and businesses throughout Pakistan especially in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

4SYTE Corporate Tax Consultants assist individuals and corporations in developing effective solutions for tax optimization, tax planning, and effective compliance management. It is never an easy task to write down all the taxation services n detail; however, a few of our tax and advisory services are in succeeding paragraphs.

  • National Tax Number NTN registration
  • General Sales Tax Registration Number/ Certificate (STRN) /GST registration
  • WeBOC registration / Import & export license
  • Income tax return & revision of income tax return
  • Sales tax return & revised GST tax return
  • Wealth statement & revised wealth statement
  • Computation and filing of withholding tax statements
  • Handling FBR tax notices and appeal matters
  • Tax Audits under section 177, 214C, 214D & 214E
  • Handling appeal matters at different forums (Commissioners appeal, Appellate tribunal)
  • Tax computation of individual, business, AOP and Company/companies
  • Online filing Income Tax Return with FBR
  • E-Filing Sales Tax Return with FBR, PRA, SRB,BRA,KPRA
  • Computation and filing advance tax statements u/s 147
  • Filing foreign income & asset statements
  • Income tax computation of deemed income u/s 7E
  • Filing Income tax return of freelancers (IT/ITeS)
  • Representation of clients before Commissioners appeal & Appellate Tribunals
  • Preparation of Annual Return of LLCs (Form 1120, 1040NR, 5472)
  • Preparation & filing Form 4868 with IRS
  • Preparation & filing Form 2553 or 8832 with IRS
  • Preparation of Annual Return (Form 1065, 1120, 1040NR)
  • Preparation of Annual Return (Form 1120, 1120 S, 1040NR)
  • Changes in election classification/ default tax classification
  • UK Company’s tax return (CT600) with HMRC
  • UK companies annual accounts with Companies House

National Tax Number

National Tax Number (NTN) is a prerequisite for filing Income Tax Return in Pakistan. Irrespective of his income level, any person can register with Federal Board of Revenue, to get NTN. 

Our income tax consultants help you get NTN by completing the process in 24 hours.

Sales Tax Registration

Almost every business falls under sales tax regime. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or trader of goods or services, you need Sales Tax License. 

Our sales tax consultants handle the complete process, from A to Z, of Sales Tax Registration for our valued clients.

Income Tax Return

All persons who hold NTN, are legally obliged to file annual income tax return with FBR. Whether you are a sole trader, association of persons or a company, we can prepare your annual income tax return and file with FBR. 

Accuracy and on time filing is hallmark of our corporate tax consultants. 

Sales Tax Return

After sales tax registration,  you must collect sales tax at correct rate from customers, deposit the collected tax to FBR and file Sales Tax Return/ VAT return. 

Our Sales Tax Consultants, prepare sales tax return / VAT return, compute the tax liability and submit return timely; thus saving you from penalty.

Response to FBR Notices

As said earlier, NTN holders are required to file income tax return irrespective of their income level. In case you did not comply with filing directions, you must expect notice from FBR. Other common notices are issued under section 176 for concealing the property. 

We are expert in handling such notices, ensuring timely compliance at minimal costs.

Advance Tax u/s 147

In certain circumstances, you will get notice about payment of tax in advance on quarterly basis. This notice is issued by FBR to those persons, who earned more than one million income last year.

We compute the amount of tax, prepare the response and file with the regulator. Non compliance results in surcharge and penalty , in addition to criminal proceedings.


Return of LLC (DE)

We are adept at preparing different forms for filing with IRS. If you, as non resident alien, are operating single member LLC in any US state, are bound to file specified forms with IRS annually. No doubt, it is a complex work, requiring specialization.

4SYTE Tax & Biz Consultants assist you with this. Our services Include:-

  • Preparation of Annual Return (Form 1120, 5472 and /or Form 1040NR)
  • Preparation & filing Form 4868, if required
  • Preparation & filing Form 2553 or 8832

Return of LLC Partnership

IRS treats an LLC, with more than one member, is as partnership for tax purposes. If you, as non resident person, are operating multi member LLC in US, are required to file specified forms with IRS annually. 

4SYTE Tax & Biz Consultants have expertise in the field and can assist you with this. Our services Include:-

  • Preparation of Annual Return (Form 1065)
  • Preparation & filing Form 4868,if required
  • Preparation & filing Form 2553 or 8832

Return of LLC
(S or C Corp)

4SYTE Tax & Biz Consultants have knowledge, skill set and experience to prepare your LLC’s federal income tax return as S or C Corporation depending on your federal tax classification. Our services Include:-

  • Preparation of Annual Return (Form 1120, 1120 S)
  • Preparation & filing Form 4868,if required
  • Preparation & filing Form 8832
  • Changes in default tax classification
  • Changes in election clasification

Sales Tax Permit

Your business needs sales tax permit / registration from state and from local authority. You need to comply with local tax laws. Non compliance may result in severe penalties. Your business is required to charge sales tax from customers. We can help you get Sales Tax Permit from the following states :-

  • Wyoming
  • California
  • New Mexico
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma

Sales Tax Filing

If you are operating your business through US LLC and making sales in the US, you are required to file sales tax / VAT return with the concerned state tax authority. Filing sales tax report is a complex task requiring specialized knowledge. We can help you with sales tax preparation and filing in following states:-

  • Wyoming
  • California
  • New Mexico
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma

VAT Registration & Filing with HMRC

You must register for VAT with HMRC if your last 12 months turn over has crossed the thresh hold of 85000 pounds. You must register if you expect the turn over is about to reach thresh hold in 30 days. Moreover, you can choose for voluntary registration irrespective of turn over. 

In certain conditions, you must register for VAT irrespective of your turnover. We can help you identify the situation and assist you in obtaining VAT Number. We can prepare and submit your VAT return with HMRC.

Corporation Tax Return

Running the Company smoothly, remaining compliant with applicable laws, is harder than company formation due to changes in laws. If you are running a private limited Company registered with Companies House, UK, you are required to file your company’s tax return with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and annual accounts with Companies House.

We are best fit to file your company’s tax return (CT600) with HM Revenue and Customs  and annual accounts with Companies House using online service.

Our professional corporate income tax advisors and income tax consultants can help you get the status of tax filer and active taxpayer.  We, being professional corporate tax consultants in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, has gained the position of leading income tax filing consultants due to our competence, accuracy, fast pace of work, confidentiality and on-time delivery of tasks in taxation services.



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